Yes, your mechanic really does this!

This is not my style but having worked in different mechanic shops both in Los Angeles and Baltimore, I laugh at some of the things mechanics do when a car is left with them for the day.  Below is a list of some of the funnier to more harmful thigns fellow mechanics may consistently do.

  1. Take the car for a joyride.  This can start out as making sure the service was completed and that the steering alignment was done properly, but it often translates to a mechanic taking your car on their break to pick up lunch or a coffee.
  2. Stealing from your car.  I worked with mechanics who became obsessed with taking at least one thing from your car.  Most of the time it was something minimal like, a piece of gum, or mint.  But sometimes it can be more frustrating like your phone charger, a music cd, or even cash.  So if you want to keep it, then make sure you take it out of the car.  Otherwise assume your mechanic took a mint as a service fee.
  3. Overcharges for parts.  A particular shop that I worked out of in Burbank used to consistently tell customers the part they needed was rare and they would have to order it.  They could get it rushed, but their would be an extra work order charge.  Half the time this part was sitting in the back.  This extra charge was pure profit to the auto body.
  4. Suggest work was more urgent than it really was.  Look their is also extra work a mechanic can perform on your car beyond the oil change or tire rotation, but some auto shops are extra aggressive when making suggestions.

Check out this funny video that highlights some crazy things mechanics do.  And then be sure to check out next weeks blog when i detail how to choose a good mechanic.