What to do when you think your Mechanic is Lying?

How to approach a lying mechanic.


Recently a friend of mine asked what he should do if he thinks he mechanic is lying to him?  The simple and most straight forward answer is to find a new mechanic.  Just like every industry the auto mechanic industry has people who lie in order to generate more money for their business.  It is a fact of life, people, lie, steal, and cheat.  But lets keep in mind like every industry you can also find professional people providing professional work.  If someone is lying to me, I personally take my business somewhere else where I can trust the recommendations they are suggesting.  But below are a couple steps that someone can take when they have a feeling their mechanic is lying but aren’t sure.


  1.  Take your car to another mechanic and get a second decision.  Don’t tell them what the first mechanic told you.  Simply let the knew mechanic perform a diagnostic serviceon your car and learn what service they suggest.  If they make the same suggestions are your typical mechanic then you can be confident that your car needs the service that is being suggested.
  2.  Ask your mechanic how urgent he see’s the suggested work being.  Sometimes a mechanic will recommend work but when asks how urgent my so in the next 2-3 months.  Their response will give you a feel for how soon you should get the work performed.  If you have a couple months, it may allow you to get a second opinion like mentioned above and if confirmed save over a couple months so you can pay for the work and not worry about the financial commitment.
  3.  Ask questions about the work so you understand the work that is being done and why your mechanic is recommending it.
  4. Find a new mechanic.  Thea reality if you have options.  If you don’t like the service or the price, find a new mechanic.