Lessons Learned Visiting Shops

Lesson learned from Auto Body Consulting


My blog has allowed me to create consulting services with various auto body shops across the country.  One element of my consulting services is to visit an auto body shop, perform a walk through and give feedback.  This post is all about sharing what I learned from these visits and what people can do to apply the best practices I have learned after visiting with other mechanics.

1. Keep your shop clean:

I get it you are running and auto body shop and your job is to fix cars not run a cleaning company.  But still there is a standard that needs to be upheld in order to present your business as a professional location for your customers.  Fixing cars is a dirty job, but what I am mainly talking about is the trash your crew generates on a daily basis.  I used to make my crew clean up, but I recently hired a cleaning service to come in 3 times a week.  They take care of the basic cleaning services and it functions as a relief to my crew when i don’t harass them for being messy.

2. Keep your website updated:

In visiting my clients, I am blown away how many of them have changed their operating hours over the years and never updated their website or other online properties to match their current hours.  My most recent visit was with a company that expanded their hours by opening earlier and staying open later.  Their complaint was that the additional hours didn’t translate to additional customers.  I asked if he updated his website and google listing.  We looked and he hadn’t.  He updated his operating hours online and sure enough customers started visiting during these new hours.