Crazy Things I have found in a Customers Car

A person car in a personal space.  Look no further than road rage across America and realize we do consider our car as an extension of our self.  This translate to the way people care for their car to waht they keep in their car.  When I first started as a mechanic in Baltimore, I was always surprised by some of the things people would leave out in their car.  They either forgot a complete stranger was getting in the car or they simply did not care.

Under the seats:

  1. Seasoning: I have found, salt, pepper, and even Basil underneath the drivers seat of a car.
  2. Cd’s – not that weird but I often wonder how long it has been their.
  3. Their wallet.  Seriously, who leaves their wallet in the car, plain stupid.

Glove Box:

  1. Condoms – because you never know when a good time may be just around the corner.
  2. Cash – seriously people stop leaving cash in your car
  3. Gun – Depends on the state


  1. Trash – like a lot of trash.  It aways makes me wonder if you got out of the car and opened the trunk to throw your trash could not you just as easily have pulled into a gas station and thrown the trash out instead of left it in your trunk to grow mold and other straight nasty smells.
  2. Food – Like groceries that they forgot about.
  3. Wedding dress.  One of the more surprising articles left in a car trunk.

Under the Hood:

  1. Plastic Straws
  2. Food
  3. Animals, rodent nests.  Yes one time i opened the hood and was greeted by a family of squirrels.
  4. Not surprising, duct tup.  Like a lot of it.  People use duct tape and super glue to try and fix their car all the time.

I hope you enjoyed this list.  My suggestion, next time you take your car to your mechanic just know they are going to look through your car, so if you do not want them to see what is in there then you best take it with you.