Find a Mechanic You Trust!

Tips for finding a mechanic you can trust.

One of the most common questions I get asked by friends and family, is how do they find a good mechanic.  Today most people do not know very much about their car outside of how to drive it, kind of :).

The upside is that every city has at least a handful of qualified and honest auto mechanics who are honest men and women doing great work for a fair price.  The downside is that every city also has auto shops that do borderline work but over pay and charge customers for work they did not even perform. Many of us have been victim to taking our car in for a $30 oil change only to end up paying $300 for a part of our car to be fixed that we have never heard of.  The below steps will assist you in finding a mechanic in your city that will be honest and put your interest and a long term relationship with you as a priority.

  1. Referrals: Work with a mechanic that a friend or family member recommends.  When you make your appointment be sure to tell them about the person who referred you to them.  This will let them know how they treat you will impact another customer of theres as well.  They’d rather keep two customers long term than over charge one short terms and have two customers never return.
  2. Routine Maintenance: Work with an auto mechanic on routine maintenance.  If you are getting up charged when your vehicle is also scheduled for routine maintenance then you may have found an invoice happy mechanic.  If they simply perform the routine maintenance as scheduled they you may have a great mechanic on your hands.  Also it is best to find a good mechanic when you dont really need one.  By finding a great mechanic when only routine maintenance is required you can have a broken down car towed into this mechanic with much greater confidence that they are going to be fair and honest.
  3. Check Reviews: Look the company up on google or yelp and check their reviews.  When looking at reviews toss out one off comments whether good or bad, good ones may be company employees bad ones my be an unreasonable customer.  Instead focus on the trends.  What is consistently mentioned within the reviews.  Reflect on that and consider an abundant of reviews saying similar things as fairly trustworthy. When arriving let them know you chose them based on reviews, this lets them know treating you poorly could result in a bad online review.
  4. Get Multiple Estimates:  Use your rights as a consumer to get multiple quotes, especially for more expensive work.  This will teach you more about what is actually wrong with your car and what the cost to fix it can be.  Plus this gives you potential ability to negotiate and find the best price possible.
  5. Don’t choose only on price: While price matters do not make it the only thing.  We have all heard the saying you get what you pay for, so be ok paying a fair market rate for quality and trust.
  6. Be loyal:  When you find a greta mechanic be loyal and refer them customers.  Mechanics are people trying to build a business and make an honest living.  Help them in their goal and they will treat you like one of their prized customers.

I hope these tips help you in making the right choice and finding a mechanic you can trust.