My name is Mike Pearson, and I am a local passionate auto mechanic in the Baltimore area.  As a young boy my dad was an auto mechanic.  I remember the first time he let me use one of his tools in our garage.  I was 6 years old at the time.  While it took a while before he trusted me with the power tools, I was hooked.  Something about using my hands and seeing a car go from broken t fixed fueled that passion even further.  When in high school I would fix my friends cars or trucks, charging them a small fraction of what they would be charged at a formal mechanic shop.  With a little bit of cash in my pocket and plenty of people looking for an honest auto mechanic to take a look at their car and willing to charge below market rate, lets just say, I spent most of my high school years learning how to fix cars more than I studied history.  This experience and income allowed me to continue buying my own tools and continue perfecting my craft.

When I graduated high school for me it was a no brainer to attend trade school and further my career as a mechanic.  While many of my friends went off to college or enrolled in some form of the military I moved across the country to Los Angeles and enrolled in Los Angeles Trade school to learn more about auto mechanics and how to start my own mechanic shop.  While the move from the east coast to the west coast was a huge move for me, I was looking for a new experience and i thought what better place that Los Angeles to learn what it was like to be a young adult.

Once I finished trade school, I began working at a local auto body where i continued learning and saving up to buy my own shop.